"Nagauta" the most popular music of Edo period revives with Emme's gracious voice. It is the new generation "World Music" from Japan .
"When I reflect on Emme and her voice, I see in myself spreading the colours of peach, rose and violet.I do not know why. Sounds and voices become visual in my mind, images and colours. Sometimes those colours bring me another new sounds and voices. I do not know if I may call it "mouvement" as in paintings or sculptures, anyway, I do love her music which creates Waves on me. It is so close to the power, working and rhythm of the Nature. The music which Emme writes and in which she lives is full of such dynamic but intimate happenings." (by Shoko Suzuki, singer and song writer)


Emme started to learn Japanese traditional dancing at the age of three, and recieved her master's degree at sixteen. After graduating junior college, she aimed to become a professional singer and built her carrier as a background vocalist for the most popular and talented Japanese singers such as EPO, Yumi Matsutoya, Miki Imai, MISIA, Takuro Yoshida, etc in their concerts and recordings.

In 1995, Emme started to learn Nagauta, the Japanese traditional story telling song, and studied at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. And now she has established her own new genre which is a fusion of her experience and Japanese traditions.

Starting with her first album " Yoy Asa " in April 2002, Emme continues to release her original artworks in " Emme " (2004), " Inochi no chi " (2008), and " Otona no Komoriuta " (2012). Her latest album " Hirake " is released in July 2022.

Apart from her concerts activities, Emme organizes various workshops for vocal exercises. Her wish is to make people discover his voice and enjoy vocalization.


  • Mainichi Newspapers : Songs we must listen now in our time. (Shinya Matsuyama)
  • CD Journal (Kunihei Sasai) : As pure as Kotodama, the spirit of words, Emme's voice penetrates in the dimension the Japanese people forgot today.
  • CD Journal (Midori Tanaka) : The songs originated in human nature such as pray or feast.
  • CD Journal (Kyoji Hoshikawa) : Undoubtedly World Music from Japan.